Bacterras inc is an independent Canadian bio-technology RDD&D company focusing on Demonstration and Deployment of a natural food additive for dairy cows that has many benefits (better health, better milk, etc.) and reduces the methane produced by dairy cows.

Currently in the last phase of the Scientific Demonstration, this product is a nutrient supplement that would reduce  the Methane emission from dairy cattle by 30%, while improving the quality and productivity of the milk at a competitive cost.

While various Methane inhibitors are well known, none has to date gone through a complete scientific quantification and certification process as to its Greenhouse Gas emission (GHG) reduction capability that would qualify it to the carbon credit market. Such qualification would incentivize large agri-industry to reduce its carbon footprint by encouraging suppliers to use such products, opening a large multi-billion-dollar market.

To this end, Bacterras is working with a top-tier agri-laboratory in North America through an Experimental Protocol to evaluate and certify the GHG inhibitor effect of this nutrient supplement.

Bacterras first product combines an effective animal feed nutrient and a proven GHG inhibitor that create its specific value with no competitor in this new field of Carbon Credit Market.