Green electricity, green hydrogen & green ammonia

Solar Energy

Entirely Canadian technology.

Using the latest high efficiency solar panels that can produce 700 Watts is important but the sun tracking system is probably very important as well as it follows the sun morning to night. That's why we manufacture the entire sun tracking system. So the solar panels are following the sun morning to night with a low need in energy and high efficiency producing an average of 43 % more energy than fixed.

Green Hydrogen

Our 50 years of experience partners offer a proven technology that leads the way in the green hydrogen transformation. Today, Alkaline Water Electrolysis (AWE), is the only available solution to produce green hydrogen at industrial scale in the range of multi hundred megawatts up to gigawatt. This reliability, coupled with the experience in engineering, design, operation and maintenance, gives us the skills and confidence to succeed.

Green Ammonia

Ammonia is one of the most important fertilizers in the world and can make the difference in a high volume of agriculture production.
Having produced the green hydrogen, it is easy to then produce the green ammonia. Becoming green ammonia liquid makes it easier and cheaper to carry the hydrogen as you can transform the ammonia back to hydrogen, if needed. 

A fuel for the future

Ammonia, which does not emit CO2 when burned, is expected to become a next-generation fuel as it contains properties ideally suited for the hydrogen economy. Ammonia does not require cooling to extreme temperatures, and has a higher energy density than liquid hydrogen, making it more efficient to transport and store. Furthermore, producing ammonia with renewable energy results in zero or minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

New Generation Solar System