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Solar Energy

100% Canadian Technology

Using the latest high efficiency solar panels that can produce 700 Watts is important but the sun tracking system is probably as important as it follows the sun morning to night.

That's why we manufacture the entire sun tracking system and its own control card module.  Engineer stamped to withstand category 5 storms ( up to 250 km/hour wind ).

The physicist, with his experience from NASA, Boeing and Magna, who has worked over the past 12 years developing the control board module using AI, has ensured that the system can operate for more than 5 years without any maintenance or breakage.

So the solar panels are following the sun morning to night with a high efficiency producing an average of 43 % more energy than fixed systems.

We can guarantee a zero maintenance year after year.

One of the advantages beyond the higher energy production is the fact that humans or animals can continue to walk under the two-axis system.

New Generation Solar System