Bacterras, Inc. is an independent Canadian bio-technology R&D company 

Solar System
GHG Inhebitor
Solar System

A more efficient solar system developed in Canada, market ready.

Engineers, including an optic specialist who worked for NASA, have reunited advancements in photon technology, sun concentration (500x), and a 43% efficient Triple Junction Cell to create the two-square metre system.

Triple junction cell 

The triple junction cell was developed at Sherbrooke University, where a two-year lab test concluded that it could survive at 150 degrees Celsius for at least 37 years without significant efficiency loss. 

A Higher efficiency

A higher efficiency triple junction cell is already under development, which will bring the total efficiency to eight times in comparison with the current solar panel on the market.

Multiple patents

The system is equipped with a tracking system to follow the sun from morning to night and can be remotely monitored. It has multiple patents, including one for his heat recuperation system that produces hot water.

Major pilot project

Bacterras is looking for its first major pilot project to demonstrate the efficiency of the  system.

Global Affairs

Bacterras works in collaboration with the Global Affairs
Department of the Canadian Government.

GHG Inhebitor

About Bacterras

Bacterras, Inc. is an independent Canadian bio-technology  company that has been focusing for the past 4 years on the demonstration and deployment of a natural food additive for dairy cows that has many benefits (better health, better milk, etc.) and reduces the methane and ammonia emissions produced by dairy cows.

A nutrient supplement

This is a nutrient supplement that would reduce methane emissions from dairy cattle by 30% and ammonia emissions by 47% while improving milk quality and productivity at a competitive cost. The In Vitro test has been done, The In Vivo is coming next.

Methane inhibitor

While various methane inhibitors are well known, none has to date gone through a complete scientific quantification and certification process as to its  (GHG) reduction capability that would qualify it for the . Such a qualification would incentivize a large agri-industry to reduce its carbon footprint by encouraging suppliers to use such products, opening a large multi-billion-dollar market.

Top-tier Canadian Agri-Laboratory

To this end, Bacterras is working with a top-tier agri-laboratory in North America through an Experimental Protocol to evaluate and certify the GHG inhibitor effect of this nutrient supplement.

Bacterra'a first product

Bacterra's first product combines an effective animal feed nutrient and a proven GHG inhibitor that creates its own specific value with no competitor in this new field of the carbon credit market.

A spectacular product

A natural food additive for dairy cows that has many benefits (better health, better milk, etc.) and reduces the methane produced by dairy cows.