Luc Deschamps - Founder-CEO

Luc has been most of his career in the sales & marketing business, training personally at least 350 sales people. He directed a sales operation from start to $500K per week in just 6 months beginning of the 90’s. He then has been a consultant helping multiple company to take a major expansion in short time period. In the past 10 years he has been around the ecology business thinking something should be done for our planet. Bacterras is one of the solution for him.


Bertrand de Petigny - COO

For more than twenty years, Bertrand has managed a variety of projects for large companies, SMEs and philanthropic associations in fields as diverse as the environment, law, education, public services, health, animal welfare, video games, office automation, telecommunications, film, internet or new media.

Very early, he traveled and worked in Europe, North America and later in Southeast Asia. He had the privilege to live the adventure of the internet from its beginnings in one of the world largest web company (2000 employees, 7 offices in 2 continents) where he was the VP European Operation.


Sady Karet - CFO

Sady served as Treasurer of BNP US Funding LLC. He served as Vice President in charge of Asset and Liability analysis of the Bank's US branches. He served as Treasurer of BNP Paribas Capital Trust VI. He was previously posted in Hong Kong where he was in charge of Market Risks for North Asia (excluding Japan). He was a Director of BNP US Funding LLC. He served as Director of BNP Paribas Capital Trust VI.


Jorge Sisniega Otero - GM Latin America

Jorge is a high level executive who has occupied top Management positions in world class multinationals. Jorge has acquired cross cultural experience having lived and worked in different countries. Jorge served as President of Roche Canada as well as Animal Nutrition and Health Manager for Canada and NE of USA. 
Jorge holds degrees in Animal Science (BSC) and Poultry Science (MA) from the University of Florida.



Guido Di Lenardo

Mr. Di Lenardo has over 35 years’ experience in executive corporate management, engineering management, project development, project management, cost control and construction management in the mining industry, energy production, Community and Housing development, real estate developments including hotels, and major international projects. He has implemented projects of $300M and up in
Canada, Peru, Chile, Chad, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico and China.

Mr. Di Lenardo has related project experience in executive corporate management, opportunity analysis, business development, preparation of implementation studies, design management, project budgeting, feasibility studies, project financing. He has expertise in the application of cost control, schedule management and risk management to ensure a successful completion with optimized value.


Arnaud Brohé

Arnaud is CEO of CO2logic Inc. and an international expert in the field of sustainability and carbon management. Arnaud has authored many publications in academic and professional journals or reviews. Arnaud is a regular speaker on these issues.

Arnaud holds degrees in environment (PhD/MSc), finance (MSc/BSc) and international relations (MA) from the Free University of Brussels (ULB).

An entrepreneur, Arnaud has developed and managed more than 50 projects for prestigious public and private clients including the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, Levi’s, National Geographic, LG Electronics, Thomson Reuters, Unilever, etc.

Next to his consulting and project development career, Arnaud is an adjunct lecturer in carbon accounting in the MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance at Imperial College London. His book Carbon Markets, for which Lord Nicholas Stern wrote the foreword, was winner of the Choice Outstanding Academic Titles of 2010 award. His latest book, The Handbook of Carbon Accounting was published in 2017 by Routledge. 


Sharon Paterson

Sharon has over 15 years’ experience in the water/wastewater sector, helping clients manage odor problems with technologies such as sensor and software solutions, next generation aeration technology, and efficient (no energy required) basin coverings, as well as advanced sewer network solutions for odor and corrosion control.  The Michigan Sustainable Business Forum named Sharon “Sustainable Person of the Year” in 2014. Sharon is a graduate of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. She volunteers her time on local Green Stormwater Infrastructure initiatives. Her decades-long passion for sustainable cities and helping clients be a better neighbor is what drives her business.


Mario Desrochers

Mario Desrochers is a successful Quebec entrepreneur and businessman who has made a career in large-scale food distribution. Before setting up his own businesses in this field and then selling them, Mario has, among other things, served as General Manager of the grocery division of Metro-Richelieu.


Brian Griggs

Brian Griggs has extensive experience in management, sales, marketing and operations. After completing his formal education in 1976, Brian started his career in the construction industry, erecting large steel and concrete structures for commercial and agricultural use in the Central Valley. 

In 2011, Brian founded two distribution companies for the purpose of providing all-natural products to two essential industries. The first company distributes biotechnologies for agriculture that reduces the chemicals needed to grow crops while increasing yield. The second company distributes biotechnologies for the wastewater industry to reduce odors and fats, oils and grease that clog pipes and are corrosive to the systems. These all-natural products have a proven track record of success in both industries. Both companies have consistent growth and unlimited potential.

Partner Company


Parklink Ltd

Parklink Ltd are the representatives of Bacterras in New Zealand and Australia.Parklink Ltd specialise in Biological Augmentation for wastewater treatment, freshwater lakes, ponds, and aquaculture.We have environmentally friendly solutions for sludge management, algae control, water clarity, Nitrogen reduction, hydrogen sulphide reduction, odour reduction and fat & grease control. 

Parklink Ltd involved in the setting up and management of Advanced Microbial Digestion (AMD) projects across New Zealand and Australia which involves the design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of portable bacterial culturing units, sediment surveying, sediment sampling, analysis and reporting.