1 Minute to understand Bacterras

The Bacterras project

is a major environmental project.

Bacterras markets 3 natural products based on bacteria.
  • One is an organic fertilizer that rehabilitates the earth 
  • Another cleans the water (lakes, rivers, settling ponds, sewage treatment plants, etc)
  • The third is a natural food additive for dairy cows that has many benefits (better health, better milk, etc.) and reduces the methane produced by dairy cows.

3 Products

These products can be used to set up projects that create carbon credits. 

  • One is in feasibility study
  • Another is starting the scientific demonstration, 
  • The third is in the final scientific demonstration phase

The experts and buyers consulted are extremely receptive.

experts  and 



From just a few major milking corporations contacted, one can see very soon millions of cows on the product eliminating millions of tons of CO2 that would have otherwise been created and released in the atmosphere.

781160427,87933 is the amount of tons of wastewater released into the environment in the form of municipal and industrial effluent and agricultural drainage water each year (translate into 2,212 km³ /year).


2,212 km³ /year

Bacterras: products that allow the implementation of projects that clean the planet and  generate carbon credits

Bacterras uses the Carbon Program to start selling new generation bacteriological products dedicated to farms. Carbon Program is used as an opportunity for the farmer to ease the transition to these new products.

Carbon projects...

  1. Generally are expensive, heavy to implement and operate 
  2. Bacterras allows the setting up of many projects quickly and with minimal investment
  3. Generally are not easy to understand and take time to be effective
  4. Bacterras offers projects easy to understand and whose effectiveness is immediate.

Open the door to a multitudeof projects

With Bacterras, it's enough to feed a cow or to add a consortium of bacteria to the wastewater cleaning process to have an immediate effect on GHG releases and water quality.